5 Minutes At A Time

5 Minutes At A Time With Kris & Wendy

Welcome to "5 Minutes at a Time" with Kris & Wendy Hager.  You can hear our show every Saturday at 12pm on AM 930 The Answer.  We will share our life experience and how taking life in 5 minute segments can help you survive even the most difficult events in life and if life is wonderful and sailing along, learn to be present in the moment and THRIVE, 5 minutes at a time.


By Kris Hager


I watched a bird fly in a breeze,

That other birds would not.

And with each beat of fighting wings,

I wondered why it fought.

Fought so hard against a wind,

That kept it so it must begin,

From where it just begun.


And then the words came back to me.

"Faith though small as a mustard seed,

Will lead us safely home."

"Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, Here in lies the peace of God"