5 Minutes At A Time

5 Minutes At A Time With Kris & Wendy

Welcome to "5 Minutes at a Time" with Kris & Wendy Hager.  You can hear our show every Saturday at 12pm on AM 930 The Answer.  We will share our life experience and how taking life in 5 minute segments can help you survive even the most difficult events in life and if life is wonderful and sailing along, learn to be present in the moment and THRIVE, 5 minutes at a time.

Wonderful video

Click below to watch a great video from when Kris attended the "Leap of Faith" coordinated by Operation Support Our Troops.  An amazing healing event where Kris was able to let go of Josh's remaining ashes while floating in the air.  Thank you for all those who made this possible!

Leap Of Faith

"Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, Here in lies the peace of God"