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5 Minutes At A Time With Kris & Wendy

Welcome to "5 Minutes at a Time" with Kris & Wendy Hager.  You can hear our show every Saturday at 12pm on AM 930 The Answer.  We will share our life experience and how taking life in 5 minute segments can help you survive even the most difficult events in life and if life is wonderful and sailing along, learn to be present in the moment and THRIVE, 5 minutes at a time.

At the End of the Row


"At The End of The Row"

by Kris Hager



When I’m asked for directions,

Where the visitor might go,

I say, “Through the main gate,

Past the brick building, very slow.”

On the right, just a bit,

A wood stair you will see,

It leads to the lake,

And a bench by a tree.


Directly across, to the left side of the way,

Park your car, and get out,

By the green and white sea.

The green is the grass, always mowed and trimmed,

And the white are the markers,

Too many, and him.

His spot is just there,

A few steps more,

He’s with the fallen heroes,

At the end of the row..


I thought the row finished, my sorrow laid to rest.

I thought the hallowed ground fixed, all heroes blessed.

Then Dad died.


He spent little time remembering the war.

He flew gliders I knew, really not much more.

Yet as he cried, “Was I a good father?”

I told him he had done so much more.

Our Freedom he bestowed.


And now beside his Grandson,

In a sea of green and white.

The bookends of my life, for eternity unite.

There is no place for me with these,

These heroes of our land.

Father, son, friend and foe,


At the end of the row.


"Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, Here in lies the peace of God"