5 Minutes At A Time

5 Minutes At A Time With Kris & Wendy

Welcome to "5 Minutes at a Time" with Kris & Wendy Hager.  You can hear our show every Saturday at 12pm on AM 930 The Answer.  We will share our life experience and how taking life in 5 minute segments can help you survive even the most difficult events in life and if life is wonderful and sailing along, learn to be present in the moment and THRIVE, 5 minutes at a time.

Joy and sorrow fill our lives and how we use it matters.  God teaches us with every passing moment and so He did with my husband and I over the past 10 years.  We experienced the extremes and God has led us to this moment by teaching us to be present, live in the moment, live 5 minutes at a time.


We met in the spring of 2004 at a dog park.  Kris' wife had just lost her battle with breast cancer and he asked me to dog sit.  Simply put, our four-legged babies bonded us together.  A 23 year age difference did not stop our marriage in the spring of 2006.  Unfortunately, that fall economic hardship was draining Kris' business.  We closed the doors in December of 2006.  We lost our condo and vehicles with only personal possessions and our four-legged children remaining.  Accepting the bitter reality, we attempted moving forward, but the day after filing bankruptcy Kris received a devastating call.  His oldest son had been killed in Iraq.


2007 was spent in Colorado with Kris' daughter in law and grandson.  She had multiple challenges and his grandson, nine at the time, was experiencing extreme emotional issues, trying to kill himself so that he could be with his Daddy.  After 9 months in Colorado we traveled to Texas where Kris' Mom was having surgery and his Dad was ill from cancer.  His mother did wonderfully but his father passed away and, being a World War II glider pilot, was buried next to Kris' son at Ft. Logan National Cemetery in Denver.  After moving Kris' mother to Denver where most of the family lived we sat in an extended stay hotel wondering what to do with our lives.  Another life changer was just around the corner.


It was the end of July 2008 and I had been ill fearing something serious was looming.  In a Denver emergency room we found out that I was 5 months pregnant.  Years before my doctor told me I could not get pregnant.  We loaded up and went back to Florida and moved in with my parents.  On December 1 of 2008 I gave birth to our baby boy!  We now attempted to create a new life with our little boy.  The depressed job market made it challenging for a 60 year old to attain employment.  I found a full time position and Kris became a wonderful stay at home dad.  Our son gave us the strength to persevere and the next blow made the need for Carson in our lives even more clear.


We were meeting wonderful friends through my job and little by little putting the pieces together.  Then, my beloved mother was diagnosed with cancer.  For nearly a year my mother battled but passed away on February 10, 2012.  Without little Carson I would have been destroyed by depression.  Again we found ourselves struggling and attempting to be the parents Carson deserved.  Healing, due to our son and friends, began.


A new adventure started when it became clear that Kris' mom needed to move in with us due to progressing dementia at the age of 97.  In spring of 2014 we moved her from Denver to Florida.  Seeing Carson and his Grandma interact is priceless.  We were settling into this new dynamic when, without prior warning, I was let go from my job.  Truth be told, my job was bearable only due to the wonderful ladies I worked with.  What were we to do now?


Kris and I had dreamt of a radio show.  One day Kris heard an ad asking for new radio show ideas.  We called and our show was born.  Our show is about living in the moment, being present, living 5 minutes at a time.  We started with “guns blazing” and absolutely loved it despite our next devastation of losing our Isabel to cancer.  Part of our souls died with her.  Our hearts broken, we pushed onward and are finally moving from renting to purchasing our own home.


We did purchase a home and after just a few weeks Mom unexpectedly passes away.  It was as if she thought, "they are now safe and secure and it's time for me to go home."

Since settling in our home and involvement in many things, we are now pursuing an unprecedented mission that will change lives!

Stay Tuned!


This roller coaster revealed that God teaches us with each valley and peak. Living 5 minutes at a time is vital when the pain is overwhelming.  Getting through 5 minutes was all we could handle.  When joy surrounds us, living 5 minutes at a time keeps us thankful and makes life richer.  God knows what He is doing.  Be present with Him.  Live 5 minutes at a time.


"Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, Here in lies the peace of God"